Sonoma Shawl

A friend of mine crocheted a shawl from this pattern that I really loved because it drapes so elegantly around your shoulders. I had also bought this sparkly yarn (in platinum) that I was dying to use. I love buying yarns with beads, glitter, or other pretty special things, but they can be hard to use since they’re usually kind of expensive for not too much yardage. I decided to make the shawl using this Handwerks silky sock yarn (in embers) – I added randomly distributed partial rows of sparkle by holding the platinum yarn with the silky sock yarn.


I also added a fringe (because, again, why not? fringe is the best) with both yarns.


The shawl can be dressed to be pretty fancy because of the sparkle, but it can also be warn more casually like a triangle scarf.


It’s a very easy patten that ends up looking really intricate because of the touches of sparkle in the body and the fringe. It’s one of my go-to pieces! I wore it a while back to go wine tasting in Sonoma. Perfect, don’t you think?



I’ve been working hard to finish up some gifts before Christmas! Check back to see what I’m making!

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