Peru Wrap

I took a trip to Redding, CA for the weekend and got the chance to take some fun pictures of a piece I crocheted last year. My boyfriend went on a trip to South America last summer and brought me back this really amazing yarn from Peru (Sol Indiecita Baby Alpaca Chaine). I used the Fairlane Jacket pattern from Doris Chan’s Convertible Crochet.


It’s a wrap that’s made in a giant v-shape and attached at the corners with big buttons. The pattern features a decorative edging that can be used for buttonholes. The buttons I picked are these beautiful abalone shell ones that I got at a small antique button shop in Berkeley (such a cute place!). I also added a fringe because why not?


I love this wrap because I can wear it in so many different ways. It can be a jacket (as above), a shawl…


… or a warm chunky scarf.


This wrap is probably one of my favorite things I’ve ever crocheted! It was fairly quick to work up with this relatively bulky yarn. It’s soft and fuzzy, but flowy enough that I can wear it when it’s not too cold outside (again, great for those California winters). Perfect for my quick weekend getaway!



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