Newbury Triangle Scarf

This scarf is one of the first bigger pieces I ever crocheted (probably about 3.5 years ago now?), and I still love it and wear it all the time.


I used a pretty simple pattern (one of the first patterns I spent money on!), but it turned out looking super complex and interesting because of the yarn I used – Shoppel Wolle Zauberball Crazy.



It’s technically a sock yarn, but I love the crazy color changes so much that it seems to me it would be wasted on socks. I’m always attracted by these colorful balls in yarn stores, so I’ve made several pieces with various colors of this yarn.  It’s pretty cheap too, since it’s just sock yarn, but it is 75% wool.


Although it’s meant to be a shawl, I pretty much always wear this piece as a big triangle scarf because it’s just so long as a shawl. It’s really warm as a scarf and looks cute peaking out of the neck of a big jacket. I’ll definitely be taking it with me in my holiday travels to colder climates! Are you braving the cold or escaping to somewhere warm this winter?

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