Waiting for Rain

Happy spring everyone! It’s been a pretty rainy winter/first week of spring in the San Francisco Bay Area, so it’s pretty fitting that I just finished my Waiting for Rain Shawl. When I saw this pattern on Ravelry after I’d first started knitting, I immediately knew I wanted to make it someday. It was also one of Ravelry’s top patterns of 2016, so apparently a lot of others out there agree that it’s gorgeous. I particularly liked the striped versions that I saw, so I was happy to discover that the pattern comes with an extra document about how to customize the shawl. I’m in love with garter stripes!


The yarn I used is Kismet Fiber Works Refuge Fingering. I’m not sure if this yarn is still being made, and I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out much about it. I believe the colorways I used are Larc’s Song and Twiggy, but I’m not positive. It was a really pleasant yarn to work with! It’s a 50%/50% camel and silk blend.


The pattern is a top-down shawl in mostly garter stitch with short row lace. This was my first short row lace shawl, and I thought it was really fun – a nice break to the monotony of garter stitch. One thing I would change: my turning edges came out a little tight. I would probably yarn over at the end of each row if I were to make this pattern again. I used an i-cord bind off for the first time as well, and I love how professional and neat it makes the edge look!


What are your favorite shawl patterns? If you’ve got a finished shawl to share, put a link in the comments – I’d love to check it out!


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