January Afghan Squares

I’ve started a lot of afghans in the 4 years or so since I learned to crochet, but I’ve only every finished one (oops). I just get so tired of all the color changing, sewing, and weaving in of ends. This year, I decided to participate in a Block-A-Month crochet project – through this group on Ravelry. Three square are selected per month: one 12” square, one 6” square, and one optional 12” square. If I do all three squares each month, then at the end of the year I’ll have a 5′ by 6′ afghan! I’m hoping that spacing out the blocks over the entire year will minimize the tediousness of sewing and weaving ends. I’m determined to stick with it! I got a bunch of skeins of Malabrigo Rios at my favorite LYS (local yarn store!) to inspire me.


The 12” square for January is called Moody Blue. I decided to stick with the theme of the name and make a square in blue tones (Teal Feather, Purple Mystery, and Whales Road).


The 6” square, named The Efflorescent Window, is probably my favorite. It really looks like a window, right? (Yarn colors: Lettuce, Archangel, and Teal Feather)


And, finally, the optional 12” square is called Floral Kaleidoscope. I used yarn in colors Glazed Carrot for the flower, Lettuce for the leaves, and Archangel as the kaleidoscopey multi-tone. I really liked this pattern because I learned how to do this easy invisible finish for changing colors in the round.


I’ve enjoyed making all of the squares so far! The bigger ones do take me a bit of time, but since I only need to make a few in a whole month, it’s very doable, and very rewarding. It’s a nice break from my other WIPs as well. If you’re excited by the idea, join the Ravelry group or choose some blocks of your own!


What afghans have you finished?

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